In order to fill an object with a certain color you have to convert it, if this is not already the case, into an outline / area / contour and select it with a right click. Then a window opens in which you can select the line and fill color.

In order to create a pocket with island (s), you must of course first draw your pocket and island geometry (s) and create contours.

Taschen und Insel Geometrie

With the Boolean subtraction you can now subtract the island geometry (s) from the pocket geometry (select function, click pocket, click island).

Icon Boolesche Subtraktion
Boolean subtraction

Finally, just select the pocket processing for the pocket, and the pocket with island is ready.

CADasCAM-Fenster mit Taschen-Insel-Bearbeitung

When you create an edit, a group is created in the tree that is named after the edit. There you will find the contour associated with the machining. If you want to machine another contour with the same parameters, you just have to drag it into the machining group.

Bearbeitungsgruppe mit mehreren Konturen
Machining group with several contours

There are three different options in CADasCAM to create a contour:

  1. The Automatic contour finder always searches for the shortest contour that includes the selected point.
Automatischer Konturfinder

2. The Manual contour finder allows you to easily create contours along the desired path. To do this, simply select the starting point of your contour and click your way through the line segments until the contour is closed.

Manueller Konturfinder

3. The Group contour finder searches for closed contours within groups.


The order in which the processes are processed is the order in which the processes are listed in the tree (from top to bottom). To change the order, you can simply rearrange the edits using drag and drop.

CADasCAM currently offers the import and export of DXF and HPGL, but additional file types will be added with upcoming updates.

Die DXF-Versionen werden nach Autocad-Release unterschieden.
Da wir nur 2D-Info einlesen, ist’s fast egal, es gehen auch die ganz alten Versionen (oft sogar besser, z.B. ACAD 12, Hearderkennung AC1009).
Allerdings verarbeitet CADasCAM derzeit keine Spline-Daten aus DXF, das macht bei vielen Modelle noch Probleme.
Das kommt daher, dass die Spline-Mathematik bei Autocad DXF nicht vorgegeben bzw. nicht beschrieben ist.
Wenn uns da jemand einen guten Tipp geben kann, implementieren wir das gerne.

Releases siehe auch hier: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/AutoCAD


It is easiest if you send us an email directly to kontakt@cadascam.de .

If your problem occurs in a specific model, please send us the .cdcm/.dxf/.hpgl File with, this makes it easier for us to find the problem.


Activating CADasCAM is actually very easy. To do this, you need an activation key that you can find in our Shop Then click on the button in CADasCAM Demo version! Click here to unlock ... Here you simply enter your activation key, and after a few seconds CADasCAM is fully activated for you.

Everything works in the demo version, except for saving, printing and outputting more than 100 lines of G-code. So you can test all functions of CADasCAM and even ensure compatibility with your own control.

Ein CADasCAM Schlüssel ist zeitlich unbegrenzt nutzbar, allerdings immer nur für eine WIndows-Installaition. Wenn du dir alsi einen neuen PC kaufst brauchst du auch einen neuen CADasCAM Schlüssel. Solange du also nicht jedes Jahr einen neuen PC kaufst, kommst du recht günstig weg.

If you have bought a single license in the shop, you will receive a voucher code with your confirmation email with which you will receive your second single license for the same surcharge as it would have cost you a double license, but this discount is only valid for 30 days! If you have not yet received a voucher code, simply contact us at kontakt@cadascam.de .

Yes, the CADasCAM license key is always computer-specific. We do it so that you can use CADasCAM completely offline and don't always have to log in somewhere.


  1. Download the CADasCAM-Installer and execute it.
  2. The following window opens, here simply click on Next.

3. Then accept the end user license agreement after you have definitely read it

4. In the next step, select the folder in which you want to install CADasCAM. (Attention: If you move CADasCAM to another directory later, problems may arise. If you no longer like your installation folder, you have to reinstall CADasCAM for better or worse.)

5. Now you can choose which shortcuts to CADasCAM you want to have.

6. Then you're done. CADasCAM should now start automatically, otherwise it can be started using the selected shortcuts.

This problem should often be fairly easy to fix. Simply run the vcredist_x86.exe, which you can find in the CADasCAM installation folder, then the error should be resolved. (Alternatively, you can use the vcredist_x86.exe also download directly from Microsoft.)


Yes, simply change the file extension in the post-processor settings .nc change if this is not already the case.


  1. Make sure your PC has an internet connection.
  2. In the Menu, choose Help and then search for Updates .
  3. The CADasCAM update application automatically searches for updates and installs them.
  4. After CADasCAM has restarted, you have installed the latest version.

Yes, we generally make our updates publicly available, so you always get all updates, regardless of whether you have bought CADasCAM or not.

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