• Links/references introduced in the tree, allowing objects to be used multiple times in the tree
  • Circuits are now divided into two objects, contour and holes, which can be more easily assigned to different processes
  • The hole row has an adapted object editor and can now also be defined centered
  • In the Import menu, point clouds can now be imported from a text file (or Excel->*.csv)
  • The new stamp function extracts the geometry from a group (with shape finder) or a shape object, which can then be placed on the drawing as often as required. TAB rotates the geometry, the cursor keys mirror it
  • Changing color/line/layer via selection list is now undo-capable
  • Drilling and thread cutting are combined into a new machining object, coordinate drilling is therefore no longer required for milling
  • The 'Figure' attribute for groups is now called 'Rigid'
  • The 'automatic topology' is now called 'shape finder'
  • Machining objects can now be switched to 'rigid' in the same way as the other groups
  • The shape finder can be activated for editing objects in the same way as the other groups
  • The Z machine zero point can now be selected as the safety height
  • The color of machining objects is passed on to the contours and milling paths in the same way as the normal groups
  • New tools are assigned the next free number as default (instead of T00)


  • Error when writing trimmed ellipses fixed
  • Fixed an error when snapping gears during positioning
  • Error in the dimension arrows of length dimensions fixed
  • Error with line break in CNC footer fixed
  • Error with macros in the header and footer fixed
  • Error when importing SVG files with transformed objects fixed
  • Error when importing DXF files with more than 16 layers fixed
  • Error when mirroring raster images removed
  • Error with auxiliary lines through raster image edges fixed
  • Fixed bug when assigning selected objects to a new layer
  • Fixed an error when switching from Lite to Pro or Basic view


  • Redesigned CNC dialogs for milling, tool and path parameters
  • Spindle off removed after cycles
  • Spindle off added before tool change
  • Spindle off (M05) added before end of program
  • Park position (G28) added before end of program
  • End of program (M30) automatically added to NC program
  • Zero point initialization (G54 etc.) after tool change added
  • Tab groups with uniform parameter defaults for all subordinate tabs
  • Origin is displayed with G code (e.g. G54)
  • Additional global safety height configurable in dialog "CNC-Configuration->Mechanics"
  • Tool number optionally configurable from tool memory or according to position in changer
  • Gears now with optional head radius in reference profile
  • DXF export of free-form curves takes place as a circular arc sequence (previously polyline)
  • Analogous to Fusion 360, the image can now also be rotated with Middle Mouse Button + [SHIFT] or [SHIFT]
  • When ungrouping shapes and operators, the figurei property is preserved
  • Groups with topology automation are highlighted like shape objects


  • Tool sorting bug fixed
  • Reading tabs on extract outlines improved
  • Updating extracts improved
  • Menu switching error in lite view fixed
  • Buf when fixating guidelines fixed
  • Number input also .5 instead of 0.5 possible
  • Text box error for top, bottom and center alignment fixed.


  • New milling path "cutout or outside pocket"
  • Blank as link to existing outline (useful for clipping)
  • Button for manual update added (e.g. for the topology automation groups)
  • New parametric figure Polyround - similar to Torx profile
  • Toolpaths are displayed in the color of the machining group, if this is explicitly set
  • For rectangles and oblong holes, the anchor point can change with the Tab key when all dimensions are set numerically
  • Cutting data can now be calculated locally directly from the machining, these then do not end up in the tool memory
  • The keyword for CADasCAM internal macros has been changed from '#' to '@', because in some controls the '#' is already occupied.
  • The sequence of the tool change command is now selectable (M6 T1 or T1 M6)
  • For the oblong hole figure, the distance between the centers or the circumferential length can be specified as desired (for belt constructions)
  • Additional finishing is now possible when face milling
  • Renaming of figure parametrics to shape objects to resolve misunderstandings
  • New function: path analysis in CAM menu: green = closed, blue = closed with loops, red = open
  • New function: run direction reversal of contours
  • Optimizations when reading SVG and DXF files
  • Display of number of open/closed contours for groups with topology flag in group editor
  • Display of length/angle radius etc. instead of coordinates when creating rectangles, oblong holes, circles...
  • G43 and H commands added for operation with tool changer
  • Switching of value input during drawing, input fields can be advanced by tab key
  • Toggle orientation of objects during creation via [TAB] key -> changes reference point or angular position [SHIFT+TAB]
  • A first implementation for tool import and export from and to Beamicon
  • Tool numbers can be assigned individually
  • Retract height and spindle start Z-height are configurable (CNC mechanics)
  • DXF reads units as well and converts them to mm
  • Bugfix at start by double click on a DXF file
  • Bugfix when rounding two contours


  • For chamfers and undercuts, the contours are automatically extended in the direction of the corner if necessary
  • When reading a file, the used aeroprofiles will be checked, if necessary an error message will be displayed.
  • The zero point can be shifted in Z (e.g. to the machine table, z= -workpiece thickness)
  • In the footer the current snap coordinates are displayed
  • Technology data can be imported (merging of several tool storages)
  • An insertion point is displayed in the tree during drag'n drop, insertion below and above objects possible
  • Fixed bug with position of mouse info in rotated view
  • Fixed an error when repeating the auxiliary line function with direction dragging
  • Fixed an error when selecting background images after importing them
  • Fixed a bug in the user guidance for linear multiple copies (patterns)


  • G-code macros can be created for more flexible adaptation to exotic machine controls
  • Closed single contours (circles, ellipses, splines, polylines) inherit the fill color of a parent group
  • The grid is displayed in front of the background images and is not hidden by them
  • Fixed a bug when printing background images
  • Via the sales partners there is the possibility to obtain free 'Lite' licenses with strongly reduced functionality
  • The toolbar can also be displayed in the 'Lite' option, which shows only the functions of the free Lite licenses.
  • Lite = reduced but unlimited use, saving, printing and DXF import possible.
  • Demo = full scope, but only trial operation without saving and printing
  • Fixed a bug when creating parallel guides
  • Various minor bug fixes


  • Hidden objects are now selectable in the tree
  • The toolbar is slightly changed, the curve conversions are now in the Trim block
  • Dimensioning options are now directly accessible in the toolbar and also change the selected dimensions
  • There is a simpler toolbar 'Basic', switchable in the 'View' menu
  • Graph paper available as optional raster display
  • Milling path calculation is optimized again
  • New processing method for beam cutting (laser, plasma, waterjet) ATTENTION: Beta stand!
  • Geometry is no longer hidden by the raster images
  • Help menu remains even if no model is loaded
  • The last 12 models are available in the file quick access (instead of 8)
  • When milling insulating boards, a group can also be selected without prior selection
  • The print settings/page view are saved with the model
  • Fixed error when re-reading manually created outlines
  • Error when merging overlapping contours removed
  • Various minor bug fixes


  • new parallel algorithm for milling path calculation
  • Print dialog has double buffering in preview
  • Print dialog Printer properties are correctly preassigned and accepted again
  • added missing english translations in print dialog and for sprocket and spoke structure
  • DXF export/import: color 'unspecified' added
  • DXF import texts and text angles added
  • Aeroprofile dialog added in English
  • Aeroprofiles can be preset in angle and length during generation
  • Fixed error when saving empty models
  • Bounding boxes of invalid objects are no longer evaluated
  • Fixed error when moving fully selected radius dimensions
  • automatic file versioning can be activated in the options
  • even hidden objects can be selected in the tree
  • new selection function for geometrically connected contours
  • Fixed error when saving auxiliary circles
  • Fixed error when creating parallel auxiliary circles
  • Fixed error when selecting/grouping splines
  • When a new tool is selected in the machining dialog, the infeed parameters are now automatically adjusted as well


  • Fixed bug when restarting after autosave when the original models were deleted or renamed
  • Fixed bug when creating parallel auxiliary lines on groups with topology automatic
  • Fixed bug in the positioning of ring gears on spur gears (tooth offset)
  • Fixed bug when reading closed polylines in DXF
  • Fixed bug on slot object editor
  • Added slot center to slot as explicit snap position
  • Crop settings when printing are retained during the session
  • Empty groups can optionally be automatically deleted before saving
  • new feature to remove duplicate or overlapping contours
  • CNC function for drag knife cutting added
  • parametric aero profile figure with connection to user-specific profile database added
  • Topology flag visible in the tree via a small red T on the icon
  • Topology automatic now also as automatic for open contours (also works for trimming, parallel etc.)


  • Fixed a bug in thread machining, all objects except circle and point are ignored as thread positions
  • Fixed bug in CNC input dialog for edge processing, checkbox now reacts correctly
  • Fixed a bug in the scaling of the operators Thickening and Wall as well as the figure N-gon
  • Fixed a bug when drawing tangents for circles and arcs
  • The incorrect character descriptions for some fonts in the '.' has been fixed
  • There are two new parametric figures: spoke opening and sprocket
  • When creating a machining for a contour that is already assigned to another machining, the contour is automatically copied, figures are linked
  • Parallels to standard contours (not figures) are now created as a group of objects, no longer as outlines
  • With the [SHIFT] key, the parallels with sharp corners are created, otherwise rounded as usual


User Interface

  • optional English-language interface (depending on the Windows system language)
  • Submenus for figures, CAM and drawing elements to create space for new functions
  • Input command visible on the mouse info (in the Preferences menu)
  • Spindle settings distributed between the 'Mechanics' and 'G-Code Postprocessor' dialogs
  • Icons scale automatically for high-DPI displays

Geometry functions

  • Groups can be created directly as a figure or folder
  • Long hole with two different eye radii
  • Convert curves/contours into polylines
  • Split curves/contours at element/point
  • Import/export of SVG files
  • Layer with visibility, color or dimmed status
  • Moving objects (using the button from the toolbar) also allows the input of X-Y coordinates

Raster images as background (construction templates)

  • Raster images can be read in in the following formats: * .jpg, * .bmp. * .tiff, * .png
  • Can be changed in position, size and rotation
  • Opacity of the raster images can be reduced
  • Align the raster images to the reference line and scale them to scale
  • Distort raster images (height/width ratio)

parametric figures (parameters can be changed at any time via dialog)

  • Circular cap
  • Circular sector
  • Trapezoid (symmetrical)
  • Rectangle (2 or 3 points) with corner parameters (corner, chamfer, radius, undercut)
  • Regular n-gon with corner parameters (corner, chamfer, radius, undercut)
  • Long hole with the same or different eye radii
  • Row of holes and bolt circle
  • Gear, ring gear and rack with configurable involute profile (Module metric/dp, profile shift, flank angle, flank play, head play, head shortening, root radius)
  • Positioning function for the correct meshing of the gears
  • Conductor tracks can be added interactively as required

parametric operators (creation logic in the tree can be changed later)

  • Boolean operations
  • Thickening
  • Wall function
  • Fillets
  • Reflections
  • Scaling
  • Multiple copies

CAM functions

  • Additional edge processing can be programmed
  • one or more machining zero points can be freely positioned
  • Approach position on a contour can be freely positioned
  • Multiple tabs
  • Thread whirling of internal / external threads as left or right-hand threads, internal threads including pre-machining
  • Circular arcs can also be output as lines in G-code, analogous to the helix movements


  • New input mask for relay control
  • Two independent process parameters can be selected per tool (e.g. cooling + extraction)
  • the n-corner replaces the hexagon function, so it is easy to draw eight-cornered corners, triangles, etc.
  • G02 / G03 can now also be configured with absolute IJK parameters
  • further optimized milling path generation (more stable with offset generation)
  • Fixed bug with snap to texts with only one letter
  • The path correction for the outer radius and the chamfer cutter is now calculated using the tip diameter, not the outer diameter


  • Simplification of the spindle settings
  • Improved milling path calculation.
  • Bugfixes


  • Immersion strategies ramp and commuting added
  • CNC path input optimized, 'Depth from ... to' and height 'Spindle start over material' introduced.
  • BZT look introduced as an additional option
  • Fixed bug with full circles within pocket machining, now two semicircles in G code
  • Fixed bug when starting the machining of pockets with finishing allowance in Z depth
  • Fixed bug when trimming ellipses and splines
  • Display of the sources for import files in the drawing tab after saving, e.g. 'File (dxf)'
  • DXF polylines are now read in as an outline or contour if it contains arcs
  • DXF files in Unix format are now also imported


  • Formulas can now also be entered in the input fields
  • Printing with specified scales is now possible (e.g. 1:10)
  • Integrated tool changer
  • Sub-objects of figures, contours, outlines and areas are no longer displayed in the tree
  • Fixed a bug when saving rotated texts
  • Groups are now only differentiated between figures and folders
  • Fixed bug when saving closed polygons
  • Fixed bug with variable-speed spindles
  • Optimization of the automatic contour finder to eliminate duplicate contours


  • Numerical pre-assignment for auxiliary circles is now retained
  • Fixed bug when trimming polylines
  • When the objects are moved interactively, they can now be gripped at intersections
  • automatic backup copy at configurable time intervals
  • In the demo version, a maximum of 100 lines of G code can now be saved
  • Groups are now only differentiated between figures and folders
  • new icons for groups and folders in the tree
  • Selection of the individual elements of folders has been improved
  • The feed per tooth is now interpolated with three support points
  • Material selection via a selection box directly in the toolbar


  • Error when printing != 1: 1 eliminated (printer was always controlled 1: 1)
  • Errors with object names and multiple copies (are now also incremented)
  • Fixed bug with graphic attributes when changing groups (was always reset)
  • Engraving fonts and true-type fonts have been adjusted in terms of functionality
  • Modified models are marked in the tab with a following *


  • New look
  • Added preferences for dimensions
  • Approach bends of length 0mm are now possible to define the immersion position
  • Bug fixes for manual contour generation
  • Bugfixes, Bugfixes, Bugfixes …

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