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What is CADasCAM?

CADasCAM is a program for designing and creating NC-code. The focus of development is on very easy operation and the connection between construction (CAD) and NC program (CAM). The generation of the G-Code according to DIN 66025 can be adapted for use with many commerciially available controls. The control of the milling machine itself, including activation of the stepper motors and relays, is not possible with CADasCAM. This requires separate software such as Mach3, WinPC-NC etc.

Mann an CNC-Fräsmaschine

What is different with CADasCAM?

The goal of the development was to program a CAD / CAM system according to our own ideas. It should support creativity in the design and be very easy and intuitive to use. After all, as a model maker, you want to get quick results. Compared to other programs, CADasCAM is characterized by the following features:

  • Parametric design process and extensive CAM functionalities seamlessly integrated
  • Integrated construction aid functions
  • Very simple NC programming with tool and cutting data management

What can CADasCAM do?

In the current expansion stage, CADasCAM is essentially a program for 2.5D milling, i.e. for processing sheet material and simple volume geometries. The design and construction of parts and drawings is one of the strengths of CADasCAM. The design of components is child's play thanks to the simple operations, intelligent guidelines and dynamic snap functions to support the construction process.
The following range of functions is currently implemented:


  • Easy construction of Lines, circles, ellipses, Bezier curves, splines
  • Parametric figures (Rectangles, Trapezoid, Regular n-gon, Gears, Racks, etc)
  • Extensive text functionality (TrueType, snappable to Curves and Figures)
  • Dimensions and title blocks
  • and much more...


  • Engraving, Countour Milling
  • Pocket milling, contour-parallel or axis-parallel
  • Roughing and finishing in one programming
  • Drilling cycles & Thread whirling of internal / external threads
  • Material and Tool management
  • approach and departure arcs and multi-tabs

How did CADasCAM come about?

CADasCAM is a private project that was created for the fun of programming. The trigger was a milling machine and an old collection of algorithms for geometric calculations. Surely something can be made of this? From the simple thought and the idea of ​​having most of it already there, the whole thing somehow became independent and in the end it took a full five years. But now it has reached an applicable level, which can be downloaded here.


CADasCAM is available as a free Demo and the full-version is available in two offers:

  • Single-License: 59.90€
  • Double-License: 79.90€

Licenses can be bought on this websites Shop, which can be accessed through the Login-Area.